Top Events and Festivals in Quebec City

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Everyone loves a festival! And in Quebec City, they take their festivals seriously!
When you plan your trip to the city, make sure it coincides with at least one of the top events and festivals in Quebec City. All the festivals and events revolve around history, culture, food and sports – there is something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of which month of the year you are planning to visit.

The majority of the top festivals and events take place during the summer months, but there are some really fun winter festivals too. Choose your month, choose your festival and come and join the local Quebecers as they pull out all the stops to enjoy their annual festivities. 

Summer Festivals

  1. New France Festival (August

This 3-day feast of history, culture and cuisine takes place in August each year. The festival is a massive undertaking during which 400 shows, re-enactments and lectures showcase 17th and 18th century history. Far from a boring history lesson, this fun-filled festival is great for all ages.
Parade in the New France festival
  1. Festival d’ete de Quebec (FEQ) (July)

FEQ is Quebec’s most important music festival of the year and takes place in July. A wonderful place to soak up the authentic French atmosphere of Quebec City, FEQ brings a host of Francophile and international global music icons to the city for 11 days of entertainment on a grand scale. The concerts take place at 10 venues dotted around the Old Town – a must-see for music lovers.
Join Alex and Marko again on their summer tour during the Festival d’ete de Quebec
Credit: Vagabrothers via Youtube
  1. Grand Feux Loto-Quebec ( late July)

The Grand Feux Loto Quebec is without doubt one of the best fireworks competitions you are likely to witness anywhere in the world. The event runs over 6 nights in late July, featuring talented choreographers who seem to get better every year.

Credit: Nova Film, Destination Québec cité
Spectators assemble on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River to watch as the fireworks are launched from a platform in the river, directly in front of the famous Chateau Frontenac. Each night features a different theme and locals dress up accordingly to dance the night away. Best of all, this amazing festival of music and fireworks is free!
  1. Feria l’attraction (July to September)

If you visit Quebec City anytime between July and September you can look forward to watching free circus shows presented by Flip Fabrique. Unlike other acrobatic performances, each of these shows combines comedy with acrobatics to tell a story. The shows are great fun for all ages.
2020 Feria l’attraction show
Credit: FLIP Fabrique via Youtube
  1. Festibiére de Quebec (August)

Craft beer enthusiasts will not want to miss Festibiére, which takes place in the Old Port area in August. This is when the cream of the crop of Quebec City craft brewers showcase their products.
Festibiére de Quebec in 2019
Credit: Le Festibière via Youtube
  1. Verilium – the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup (August)

Held at the Mont Saint Anne Ski Resort, the Verilium Mountain Bike World Cup attracts more than 800 cyclists from over 50 countries each year. Aside from the main race, several other fun events are held including long-distance races and children’s races. Expect live music and a great party atmosphere.
Credit: UCI via Youtube

Winter Festivals

  1. Quebec Winter Festival (February

In February each year Quebec residents and eager visitors celebrate the snow! The city mascot is called Bonhomme (a large snowman) – every February Bonhomme receives the keys to the city to lead celebrations for a full 10 days.
Credit: Happy To Wander via Youtube
Expect 2 lively night parades, an ice canoe race, a majestic winter palace and, for the very brave (or foolhardy), the snow-bath experience. Fun for all ages, the festival offers many family activities.
Snow bath in Quebec Winter Carnival
Credit: Christina Pfeiffer Youtube Channel
  1. German Christmas Market (November/December)

As Christmas approaches Quebec City dresses up for the festivities. As you walk through the streets of the Old City you will think you have entered a Christmas pantomime. The German Christmas Market is the perfect place to buy all your Christmas gifts and enjoy traditional German gourmet treats
Credit: Marché de noël allemand Québec via Youtube
  1. Toboggan – New Year’s Eve in Quebec (December)

New Year’s Eve in Quebec City is unlike any other you may have attended. Not content with just one night of entertainment, Quebecers have invented Toboggan – a four-day New Year’s party and music festival you should not miss. Yes, it is cold; however, if you dress up warmly you will soon forget the temperature as the party heats up!
Experience the thrill of tobogganing with Jessica
The festival centers on the Ferris wheel and carousel on the Grande Allée (both of which are free to ride!) and features many outstanding artists. The festival kicks off on the 28th and you will need a ticket for the first 3 nights of concerts but on New Year’s Eve you get to enjoy all the entertainment free of charge.
Laser show during the Quebec Toboggan Festival 2019
Credit: Jessica Laventure via Youtube
  1. Quebec International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament (February)

If you happen to have an ice-hockey fan in your family you should definitely try to be in Quebec in February for the 10-day International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament. This festival of junior hockey showcases the talents of 11-12-year-old players from all corners of the globe.

Other Notable Quebec City Festivals

In addition to these top festivals and events in Quebec City, there are a number of other annual festivals which may interest you. The following will appeal to foodies and those interested in indigenous culture:

Quebec Exquis takes place each year in May featuring the city’s best chefs and their farm-to table suppliers.

Quebec Table Gourmet happens in November when budget-friendly gourmet menus are presented in various restaurants.

KWE – Meet with Indigenous Peoples – a free festival of cooking, dancing, singing, talks and movies which illustrate the lives of Quebec’s First Nations and Inuit populations – June.

Wendake International Pow Wow – a festival to showcase the culture of all of America’s First Nations. Takes place in June each year.

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