Best time to Visit Quebec

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When is the best time to visit Quebec? There is no short answer! We believe there is no such thing as a bad time to visit Quebec City! Sure, some months of the year may have more to offer than others, but even if you visit outside of the most popular times you will find plenty to do and some unexpected seasonal perks.
That said, if you want to take part in all the festivals and events you should visit between June and September or December to February, when most festivals take place.
However, if you decide to visit during the spring and fall seasons you will usually benefit from discounted accommodation and other special deals. Fall is wonderful to witness the amazing tapestry of color that it brings to all outdoor areas, while spring heralds the start of the maple syrup harvesting season.

Winter – December to February

There is no doubt that weather can be an important factor to take into consideration when planning your visit. If you hate the cold you may hate being in Quebec in winter, when average temperatures regularly plummet to below 20 degrees F (-3 to -11 degrees C).
Winter sliding in Dufferin Terrace
Snowfalls are also common between December and February. January is usually the coldest month averaging 10 degrees F/-11 degrees C. However, most visitors wrap up warmly to embrace the winter conditions and join the locals in celebrating a bunch of fun winter events such as Toboggan New Year Quebec City, Quebec Winter Festival and the Quebec City Snow Pentathlon.
Join Matt and Karla on an exciting winter trip to Quebec City
Credit: Must Do Canada via Youtube

Spring – March to May

Springtime is maple harvesting time! Early spring in Quebec is characterized by cold and wet weather. March and April can still be bitterly cold, seldom reaching anything above 40 degrees F/10 degrees C, while in May visitors can start to enjoy a real feel of spring in the air.

Let’s make Maple Taffy on Snow
Credit: Let’s Find Fun via Youtube
You may wonder why anyone would want to visit during this time of the year? Its all due to the excitement which surrounds maple harvesting season. During spring you can visit a couple of the Sugar Shacks around the city to see how the sap is boiled to form the very special syrup we all love. While you are there you can indulge in a wonderful feast of Quebec specialties like pea soup, meat pie and more.
A typical meal served in sugar shacks
These are also excellent months to spend exploring the Old Town without having to deal with the many tourists who pack the quaint little streets in the heart of summer. You can also join in the festive St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March.

Summer – June to August

From June to August Quebec City is alive with tourists. The weather is pleasantly warm which means everyone can enjoy a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities as well as a full calendar of festivals and events. Summer is a great time to explore the city on the open-top tourist bus or on foot.
Summer in Quebec City
Credit: Nova Film, Destination Québec cité
Although it does rain in summer, a light rain jacket or an umbrella is all you need to cope with the elements at this time of year. The downside of visiting in summer is that accommodation, food and entertainment are most expensive during this peak tourist season. A few of the exciting summer festivals include the New France Festival, FEQ Music Festival, Grand Feux Loto Quebec (an amazing fireworks festival) and the free Flip Fabrique Circus acrobatics performances.

Fall – September to December

As the summer throngs depart, Quebec becomes a very attractive destination for budget-conscious visitors. Many hotels slash their rates and restaurants offer special meal deals. The streets are much emptier and major attractions can be explored at your leisure.

Temperatures hover around the lower 40 degrees F or 8 degrees C, which means that you will need to bring along your winter jackets and boots. The most remarkable reward for travelling in fall is the autumn foliage extravaganza.

Early Fall in Quebec City
Credit: Christopher Putvinski via Youtube
In conclusion, anytime of the year could be your best time to visit Quebec City. Plan your timing to suit your interests and activities, and then look forward to making unforgettable vacation memories in Quebec City.
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